A d v e r t s

Interested in advertising on Creative Radar?

I am offering limited monthly ad spots…

Please contact me for rates and/or to secure your spot.

Creative Radar is also happy to receive pitches for content ideas from PR companies and product and experiences for review.

Products sent to me for editorial consideration are promoted in monthly round-up posts.

Parties, launches and events

I am happy to attend events showcasing products and services, as my interests and schedule allows.
If you would like me to attend and write about it, please send invitations to creativeradar@gmail.com.

Sponsored posts

Creative Radar is open to sponsored posts. However, Creative Radar, is selective with sponsored posts and advertorials published and will only feature products and services Creative Radar 100% believes in.

Blogger Ambassador

Creative Radar would love to work with your Brand as a Blogger Ambassador. If you are looking for someone who will professionally promote your Brand and help think of fun campaigns, please email creativeradar@gmail.com.

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