Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spiritual art (of the Bean)

The other day I came across this blog, Spiritual Evolution of the Bean. The header got me interested because it remained me of African art. Turns out the blogger, Stephanie Smith, creates “spiritual art”.

Her personal mission statement:
“My world is one of abundance. I believe there will always be more than enough. I create this reality by modeling openness, living in a mindful way, and by inspiring others through my own means of honest self-expression; art, writing, teaching & music.”

Over the last five years she has created thousands of mandalas (Maṇḍala (
मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”or “whole”) in a diverse range of mixed media as a means to discover her authentic self. She believes that much like any meditative practice, this rhythmic art form has the ability to still the mind and bring into awareness the opportunity for healing and transformative growth at a deep level - effectively allowing a person to take an active role in their personal evolution by making the conscious choice to be creative.

Below some of her fantastic mandalas.

Stephanie's Blog:
Spiritual Evolution of the Bean
Buy Stephanie's art on Etsy:
Fee Bean Art

Stephanie's other blog:
Rhodia Drive

On Facebook:
Stephanie Smith's Mandala Art

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